Be-You-To-The-Full ~ WHY would you want to be anyone else?
— Corrie Tipene Sanson inspired by my Aunt Cis
My Ma n Pa ~ Ataahua Ne

My Ma n Pa ~ Ataahua Ne

When heart and mind connect with spirit & purpose there is nothing we cannot do
— Linda Chandler

Ko Taikirau te Awa

Ko Motatau te Maunga

Ko Mihiwira te Whare Kai

Ko Manukoriki te Whare Tupuna

Ko Ngapuhi Nui Tonu te Iwi

Ko Ngati Hine te Hapu

Ko Ngati Tetarawa te Tangata

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka

Ko Whakaaranga O Tiari taku Papa

Ko Sharon taku Mama

Ko Corrie taku Ingoa

Ko Malcolm taku Tane

Ko Pare Kotahi, me Noema, me Airini me Ereanora taku tamariki

Ko Sharon, ko Tiari, ko McGuinness nga taina

No reira, tena koutau, tena koutau tena koutau katoa;

Aloha Be-You-To-The-Full,

i’m Corrie Tipene Sanson, founder of ataahua wellness

and I’m honoured to have you here!

I claim to be no guru, what I am is a;

  • Ngati Hine, Tainui Woman

  • Proud Wife

  • Mum of 4

  • Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner

  • Certified Energy Practitioner

  • Fibre Artist

  • Entrepreneur

  • Home Birther

  • Earth Lover and Nurturer

  • Whole-istic Wellness Warrior

  • Forever student

  • A multifaceted woman;

Being a blessed, busy Mum of 4, FIFO Wife for 3 years now and business owner, I have first hand experience of the struggles of maintaining a nourishing, nurturing, harmonious lifestyle.

I struggled with my identity when growing up, we moved to W.A. when I was 8, a young active Maori girl in Australia, going from the freedom of country, farming life where riding horses, milking cows, eeling, running barefoot through the paddocks and bush, swimming in creeks, immersed in Te Reo, eating from the land was the norm to suburbia, Perth life, it certainly had an impact, hence why we, my Lover, Ngati Mutunga me nga Moriori nga Iwi ko Wharekauri | Rekohu | Chatham Islands and our 4 cubs choose to live among the tress in the stunning South West of W.A.

Becoming a mother changed my life, going from a fit, active, creative, career woman ~ working in the corporate, mining industry as a HR Consultant, to having a cub, that was fully reliant and dependent on me was a huge adjustment. True reflection and self diagnoses I suffered from the medical term ~ “post natal depression”. I didn’t value time for myself, I was lost, internally stressed, I had terrible self talk, I was anxious, mindlessly stumbling, often over eating, neglecting my health and exhausted by the end of the day, it seemed like groundhog day everyday. I was too busy caring for my cub and Lover, that I forget about my own needs. I wasn’t prepared for motherhood, I set out to read every parenting book, which confused me even more. I was seeking external help rather than listening to my inner voice, my inner knowing.

My energy levels were at an all time low, I wasn’t exercising because I had no energy, my belly was in an IBS mess, my sleep was terrible, I gained weight on top of the pregnancy weight, I didn’t like my reflection in the mirror, I was not the person, let alone mother I wanted to be.

In October 2015 with my third child in my arms, 7 months at the time, I sat and reflected on my Wellness blueprint, I realised I had adopted another persons story, I used my children as an excuse for WHY my health was suffering, I looked at the root cause rather than the symptoms of my health and decided then and there to shift my mindset to WHY my health had to be thriving and be the role model I now choose to be every, single, day.

I’ve always had a passion for Wholeistic health ~ natural remedies, energy work, weaving and macrame which also stems from pride for my cultural heritage. I witnessed my Pa struggle with his total well-being for years, going from a strong Maori man to a shadow of himself, I knew this wasn’t the path I wanted to take for my health. My beautiful Pa passed away in March 2017, I miss him everyday however I carry on a legacy of Holistic Health and Total Well-Being in his memory. Growing up in Australia, I was a very active, cheeky Maori child now Mother, I was forever seeking natural alternatives, connected to mother earth, studying (forever a student), reading - referring to my roots, using real food and aligned movement to nourish my body - knowledge, stillness, expansion, energy work, my craft - macrame and weaving to nurture my mind - reclaiming and reconnecting to my Be-You-To-The-Full, my God-Essence hence the name of my business Ātaahua meaning “Beautiful” in Maori, I transformed my health.

Moving and living in the beautiful Southwest of W.A. among the gum-trees "Papatuanuku” being close to the ocean “Tangaroa” has also had a profound effect on our wellness, manifestation such a beautiful gift. When your living in alignment, honouring your true self, shining brightly, connecting to your Be-You-To-The-Full | God-Essence and Spark your health flourishes, you become a much calmer, lighter, more patient ~ parent, lover, friend, human, creating the ripple effect.

As above, so below, as within, so without
— Alyson Noel

I honoured my calling and followed my souls passion of a Whole-istic Wellness and Energy Practitioner, incorporating my beautiful craft of Macrame and Weaving where I facilitate Macrame Mindfulness Workshops.

I’m not vegan nor paleo. I enjoy some dairy, sugar, I don’t push any particular style of eating on my clients – what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Forget labels, fad diets, deprivation and extreme measures.

Moderation, alignment, grace, flow and ease is my mantra.

I listen to my body, and I want you to listen to yours. (Your life will improve like mine did, in ways you can’t even imagine right now.)

I no longer suffer from anxiety, my energy levels are high, I have energy to exercise, symptoms of IBS have vanished, my sleep is sound, I love my reflection in the mirror and I put my self first, to first serve myself is to serve my family and clients. I continue to look to my nourishing habits and self care to stay balanced. I wake up every morning ready to take on this magnificent world.

Start listening, listening to your inner knowing, reflect on how you want to be as a mother, lover, friend, remember who you are, and who you want to be?

Are you ready to give up the burn out? Ready to reclaim and reconnect to your God-Essence, Be-You-To-The-Full and Spark?

If it’s a “HELL YES” then lets CONNECT 🌻