~ Surrender ~

SURRENDER to what is, LET GO of what was, HAVE FAITH in what will be said Sonia Ricotti

I've been quiet on social media - in between celebrations, hanging, clients, creating magic we've had some adjustments to our Sanson sanctuary!

Technology - phone & laptop shat themselves, I'm using my old phone & my laptop has been overhauled;

Cubs - several near misses & for 8 weeks our #4 cherub now 16 months is teething, early A.M breastfeeds, totally sweet as we co-sleep, however she is loving staying on my boob - so my morning ritual | routine has changed;

I use to wake between 4.30am - 5am, do my morning ritual, work, follow ups, marketing, emails, programs & creating - now I try to do it in my pockets of time - I'm still finding my flow - as I write this - my 4 year old is playing her harmonica in my ear & my 16 month old is jumping all over me.

Gone are the days of traditional business operations, we get to create, play & work in our flow, what vibes with Us, our family, collaborations & clients;

I SURRENDER to our changes as I know it will pass!!

P.S. We co-slept with all 4 cubs - its a great contraceptive!!