~ Āroha - means "love" in Maori ~

The pressures of life getting on top of you? Need a moment to calm the mind, relax the body and simply BE?

Aroha Energy Re-balance is just what you need ~ gift your Mind, Body and Soul 45 minutes of bliss. Feel and be whole again.

Aroha Energy Sessions are mobile at present, where the practitioner will come to you.

*A treatment space is being sourced and will be avaialble soon *

Aroha Energy Sessions are available Friday, Saturdays (upon request & dependent on availability) and Monday fortnightly.

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These offerings are also included in the Wellness Packages.

“Empowering Woman to reconnect to their Be-You-To-The-Full | God-essence & Spark”



Sound | REIKI


Aroha Energy Re-Balance is a fusion of Sound and Reiki, which are a beautifully subtle yet powerful balancing and stress management technique using singing bowls, energy, mauri channeled through the hands of the practitioner.

Feeling the demands and pressures of daily life?

Looking for a moment of stillness? To simply BE? To experience inner peace?

You called to nourish your mind, nurture your body and consciously cultivate, self awareness, self love and permit your body, mind and spirit to become whole again?

Such moments are vital to live a happy, nourishing, nurturing, harmonious life, where we can reconnect to our be-you-to-the-full, our god-essence, our spark and Mumma Earth.

This beautiful session is known to stimulate healing effects on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane.

Treat yourself to a 45-60 minute Aroha Energy Alignment Re-Balance

Details confirmed at time of booking.

For clients outside the local area, further WA, Interstate, International, then distant Sessions will be performed.

Investment: $75*


Aroha re-balance

Sound | REIKI

3 x Aroha Re-Balance Sessions

Investment: $210*

Also receive a beautiful 30 minute Chakra Alignment

Savings of $55


We can do custom energy packages, vouchers and gift certificates according to your budget