Aloha Ataahua,

Are you a Holistic Health Enthusiast? Doula? Intuitive? Personal Trainer? Naturopath? Rongoa Practitioner? Sound Meditation Practitioner? Meditation Practitioner? Yogi? Energy Practitioner? Shamanic Healer? Tantric Practitioner? Fibre Artist? Creative? Homeopath? Massage Therapist? Reflexologist? Kinesiologist?

Would like to come under, collaborate or team with a heart centered business that aligns and resonates to your values and vision?

Do you want to be part of something amazing? Would like to bring your skill set and team with Ataahua Wellness? Team with a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Creative, Intuitive, Energy Practitioner, founder of Ataahua Wellness ~ Nourish, Nurture, Transform?

Are you passionate about treating the whole person, investigating the symptoms to get to the root cause of what each person is struggling with?

Believe that we are all unique and individual?

Seeker of truth, to better serve your clients and Mamma Earth?

Embrace the tame and the fury, the beautiful dance between the two?

Team Ataahua has a SOUL driven Vision;

To inspire, reclaim, reconnect Woman to their inner God-Essence and Be-You-To-The-Full. Guiding Goddesses back to their centre and fall madly, deeply back in love with themselves, revealing their true brilliance. Reconnecting to their inner wisdom of overcoming stress, worry, self-pity, self-worth, burn out, busy-ness, low energy, digestive issues, poor sleep. Shining light on the abundance and appreciating all that surrounds them, shifting from lack mentality, truly loving and honouring every stage of their transformation journey. Empowering beauties to shed the layers, accept their vulnerability and reconnect to there Be-You-To-The-Full through radical self-love, nourishing the mind, nurturing the body and transforming their health. Truly embracing one’s uniqueness and returning to their MAGNIFICENCE, Be-To-The-Full, God-Essence & SPARK, knowing that we all are Human’s AF.

If the above sings, resonates & calls to you, then lets play “Ataahua” as we love community and sharing magic 🌻

~ Host us at your festival, retreat or studio ~